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Alcohol Can Be a Gas  $46.95
David Blume   596 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-0-97904-377-2

Hey... do you remember that famous guy back in the 1970's, 80's that did all of that great stuff for Mother Earth News on alcohol fuel? That's David Blume!, and this is his new book. This is the best book written on alcohol. It is so detailed there is even a chapter dedicated to running a diesel engine on alcohol. This is the book from the master of the subject himself. David has devoted most of his life to the perfection of ethanol as a fuel source for all of us.


Alcohol Can Be a Gas 2.5 Hour DVD  $24.95
David Blume      

See David Blume give a riveting 2 Hour and 40 minute presentation about alcohol fuel from 2004 in Marin County California. The nation's first driver owned coop was organized as a result! This professionally filmed talk starts with the amazing history of alcohol as the first auto fuel, and covers a wide range of topics exploding the myths told about alcohol, a primer on how to produce it, car conversion methods, tax credits available, and much more.


Alcohol From Farm Products  $24.95
F.B. Wright   302 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-063-7

Filled with information on simple stills as well as some more complex ones. Explicit details on alcohol from very specific farm sources such as: potatoes, grains, corn, wheat, rice, cereals, beets, molasses, sugar cane in addition to information on malting. This malting process shows you how to sprout seeds to use as a source of enzymes to convert starches into sugars used to ferment into alcohol.


Behemoth-The Story of Power  $14.95
Eric Hodgins & F. Alexander Maguon   420 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-001-9

This book is critical to the success of your energy business. This book is THE book on the history of energy and power. It includes who did it and why; what problems they faced and how they were solved. This is a story of the evolution and growth of energy that hardly anyone really understands. Every alternative energy project, every one of them has failed; died in flames, because those doing it did not understand the true evolution of energy which is so finely illustrated in this book.


Biogas 1 & 2  $14.95
People of Africa Biogas Centre   116 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-031-6

This book will enable you to understand how to make biogas at the farm or family level. Covers: Biogas, what it is; how it is made; how to use it begins with a complete introduction to biogas including materials, testing and the high quality ferilizer it produces. This book covers the making of biogas in something as simple as a 55 gallon drum and it covers the storage of it in items as simple as a drum inverted in water or in innertubes. This is a hands on DIY book with lots of drawings and pictures. I have had students win 1st place in science fairs with this book.


Biogas 3: How the Chineese Make Biogas.  $24.95
Michael Cook   140 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-039-2

This book contains the ways that the Chinese perfected the process of making methane from manure and plant waste. The manual shows you how to dig a hole, make a brick or earth wall and then cover it for continuous production of free methane from the digesting material. This is a very low maintenance system and the Chinese had over 6 million bio digesters, like this model, working in the late 70's/early 80's. This is one beautiful system that you can build in your own backyard or farm and it will provide continous biogas for cooking, lighting and heating.


Biogas 1- 2. and 3 Classroom Edition  $29.95
Michael Cook   256 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-065-1

A combination of Biogas 1, 2 and 3 in one volume, enlarged for the serious student! Easier to read and plenty of space to make notes. This combination takes you from making biogas / methane in drums all the way up to large brick lined caverns in the ground you can make at home. Everything you need from where to start to where to end up for large scale production. This version is ideal for serious students, schools, institutions and other large groups.


Biomass to Methanol  $39.95
Thomas B. Reed   360 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-049-1

Biomass to Methanol is the record of a workshop conducted by the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI). This book assembles papers written by experts on all phases of methanol manufacture from various feed stocks so that those working with biomass can take as much advantage of known technology as possible. This book shows that conversion of biomass into methanol has the potential to be an incredibly important source of fuel.


Cellulose- Cellulose Products and Rubber Substitutes  $24.95
Joseph Bersch   370 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-058-3

This book has everything you ever wanted to know about cellulose. You can be wearing a cellulose derivative right now in the form of cotton. If you watched an old movie film its film stock was made from cellulose. The paper this book is printed on is almost entirely made up on cellulose. One of nature's miracle substances, if you are serious about energy, biofuels and energy that you can actually pick up off the ground then this book needs to be part of your library.


The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen  $19.95
P. Litherland Teed   164 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-038-5

This is the most detialed book on the chemical production of MILLIONS of cubic feet of Hydrogen. This book is on real hydrogen production in volume. Almost every chemical method is shown in this book. It was written for the making of hydrogen for blimps, observation balloons etc...and they take a LOT of hydrogen. Methods include metals and water to electrolysis to complete chemical cycles you've not heard of before. Instant hydrogen from units the French and British used in WWI and more. This is one of the best books ever written on Hydrogen, it proves that some of the best hydrogen experts ever were contemporaries of your grandfathers and great grandfathers. This is the first printing of The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen since 1919!


The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen DVD  $19.95
P. Litherland Teed; Roy McAlister; Steven Harris      

Steven Harris and Roy McAlister made this DVD to walk you through the Ooutstanding Hydrogen book, The Chemistry and Manuacture of Hydrogen. On this DVD they ask and answer every question you would have while reading the book. Steve and Roy cover every major detail of the book step by step and explain it to you in much more details than the excellent book has already done. This DVD is over 3 hours long and compliments this treasure of a book.


Chemical Educator for Chemistry & Manufacture of Hydrogen  $24.95
KnowledgePublications & Wikipedia Editors     8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-067-5

Wikipedia is an incredible reference and its fast becoming the best chemistry referance there is. We made the Chemical Educator book as a companion to The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen with Chemical Details available from Wikipedia. This volume along with The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen DVD combines everything you need to know about making Hydrogen yourself. Having this in prited form makes it easier than printing it out yourself and the book is a good place for making notes and studying all of the different chemicals in one spot in detail. Mark it up and make it your own.


The Manufacture of Chemicals by Electrolysis  $12.95
Arthur J. Hale   96 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-054-5

There are things much more valuable to make by electrolysis than hydrogen. This is the founding principle of many multibillion dollar chemical companies, such as Dow Chemical. Know your chemistry and your science, and your economics.


How to Really Save Money and Energy in Cooling Your Home  $17.95
George S.Barton   148 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-005-7

A great three part guide to low cost home cooling! This book covers everything you have not heard of for cooling your house. The illustrations simply and easily convey to you how your house gets hot and how to keep it from getting hot. This book will save you MONEY on your AC BILL faster than anything else you have seen. If you are one of those $250+ a month Summer AC bill people, get this book.


Denatured (and) Industrial Alcohol  $24.95
Rufus Frost Herrick   534 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-002-6

Every Single Way of Making Alcohol on an Industrial Scale-or small scale. Topics on fermentation, organisms, source material, mashes, crops to use, yield, formulas, distillation, byproducts, heat measurement, usage in engines and much more. The book covers the usage of alcohol for cooking, heating and illumination, just to name a few. It even has details on converting sawdust and other organic material to a form that can be digested by alcohol yeasts to make ethyl alcohol.


DOE Fundamentals - Fuel Cell Handbook  $19.95
EG&G Technical Services Inc.   430 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-017-0

Get this book to start learning all about fuel cells. The book covers Permiable Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMS), Alkaline Fuel Cells (AFC) like those used in the space program, Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells (PAFC), Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) which are the high temp fuel cells that are used by Bloom Fuel Cells to convert natural gas directly to electricity at fuel cell effeciencies. The book also coves Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) which is a close cousin to SOFC. The book covers stationary use as well as mobile and vehicle use of fuel cells. The book is a treasure of learning about fuel cells.


Electric Vehicles: Design and Build Your Own  $24.95
Michael Hackleman   214 pages   8.5x11 inches   0-915238-17-9

Written by the guru Michael Hackleman in 1977. Michael had a bunch of new old stock of these books, never touched by the hands of anyone, and he asked us if we could sell these copies while he was doing updates for a new edition to be released in a year or so. So if you'd like an original piece of history that you can use today to start your electric vehicle project then get this book. This book is very hands-on!


Energy For Rural Development  $19.95
National Academy of Sciences   570 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-037-8

Focuses on small-scale energy technologies, not based on conventional fuels that are candidates for rural and village use in developing countries. The technologies that this book presents are capable of improving the quality of rural and village life in situations where conventional fuels and power systems have not yet penetrated or are too expensive to become a significant factor in the foreseeable future.


Fabulous Fireball AND Experiments with Solar Energy  $19.95
D. S. Halacy Jr.   320 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-029-3

It's no secret that the sun provides the energy that keeps us alive. These books provide a great background on the scien-tific aspects of solar energy and invite you to have fun putting solar energy to work for you. They tell the story of solar energy, explain why it is so fascinating and challenging and will tell you how to build solar powered ovens, water heaters and furnaces. With this book you can even build solar batteries that will power a radio or a model airplane that flies on sunshine!


Firewood Crops Vol 1 & 2  $24.95
NAS   329 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-056-9

Become an Energy Farmer. This book is for any country in the world, not just the USA. If you want to plant something and have the sun, the rain and nature do the work for you of making your fuel to run your car or run a generator or to be converted to sugar and then to alcohol...or even plant crops that you can use for firewood. Then this is the book you are looking for. If you wanted to reforest Haiti..then this is the book.


Free Alcohol Fuel Compendium Vol 1  $19.95
Various   178 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-064-4

This book has information on simple stills as well as more complex ones. The simple still is step by step instructions for making an alcohol still from 2 plastic buckets and a fish tank heater. Explicit details on alcohol from very specific farm sources such as: potatoes, grains, corn, wheat, rice, cereals, beets, molasses, sugar cane in addition to information on malting. This malting process shows you how to sprout seeds to use as a source of enzymes to convert starches into sugars used to ferment into alcohol.


Free Alcohol Fuel Compendium Vol 2  $19.95
Various       978-1-60322-068-2

Ethanol from Cellulose! What most people do not realize is that ethanol has been made from waste wood and cellulose since the early 1900's. If it grows, you can make alcohol from it. This book contains two very good sections on the acid hydrolysis of cellulose. Typical yields are 250 to 500 pounds of alcohol from 2000 pounds of cellulose. That's 40 to 85 gallons of free alcohol from a ton of waste wood chips.


Fuel Cells For Public Utility And Industrial Power  $99.95
Energy Technology Review   332 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-034-7

Contains a massive amount of practical, down-to-earth technical information re-lating to fuel cells for power plants. Fuel cell based power plants offer one of the most interesting possibilities for fu-ture power generation. This book will inform you of the many advantages of Fuel Cells like the fact that they can be air-cooled and need not be adjacent to a body of water. It also points out important considerations for Fuel Cell public utility, such as the concept of modularity and efficiency considerations.


Fuel Cells - Power for Tomorrow  $19.95
D.S. Halacy Jr.   164 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-018-7

This is one of the few books in existence that explicitly gives you step-by-step instructions for making a fuel cell. You can make an alkaline fuel cell (AFC) in your kitchen with this book. With photos, drawings, illustrations and descriptions, this book provides the in-depth details of the history, theory, operation and future of fuel cells. If you want to know more about fuel cells, this book is a must have.


Fuel From Farms: A Guide to Small-Scale Ethanol Production  $19.95
Solar Energy Research Institute   152 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-036-1

We have republished this outstanding book to help fill the information void that exists with regards to fermentation ethanol. Fuel from Farms tackles the subject of fermentation ethanol in a balanced and reasoned way, with an emphasis on small scale production using farm crops as the source of raw materials. This book will provide you with an array of facts so that you can make informed judgments.


HandBook of Home Made Power  $17.95
The Mother Earth News   386 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-003-3

Hands-on reprint of the famous publication from Mother Earth News. This book is actually larger and easier to read than the original paperback copy of the book. It covers wood heat and wood power, water/hydroelectric home power and RAM-pumps. The handbook also has chapters on wind power, solar energy and an extensive chapter on making and using methane.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 1 and 2  $19.95
Compiled by KnowledgePublications.com   170 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-027-9

The first book in our Hydrogen Generator Gases for Vehicles and Engines series contains two great, complimentary works on the subject of Producer Gas. The first volume in this book is entitled Producer Gas: Another Fuel for Motor Transport. This volume will guide you through everything you need to know about Producer Gas from its history to its economics. The second volume, Producer Gas Vehicles is for anyone who wishes to have a complete understanding of the true potential of Producer Gas.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 3 and 4  $29.95
Compiled by KnowledgePublications.com   250 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-028-6

Yes you can run a generator on wood. Contains Hands ON DIY STEP By STEP Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for an engine in a Petroleum Emergency. Includes detailed, illustrated instructions for the fabrication, installation, and operation of a Biomass Gasifier plus it contains The Handbook of Biomass Gasifier Engine Systems, which gives you all the theory and background on design, testing, operation and manufacture of small-scale gasifiers. We have combined two unique works and republished them as the second book in our Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines series to help fill the continuing needs for information in this needed DIY home power field.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 5  $19.95
John D Cash; Martain Cash   182 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-035-4

The purpose of Volume 5 of the series is to set forth the possibilities of an often underestimated fossil fuel substitute: Producer Gas. This Volume, entitled, Producer Gas for Motor Vehicles, not only details Producer Gas possibilities, but also clearly explains the methods by which Producer Gas can be brought into use in a national emergency.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Vol 6 Modern Gas Producers  $27.95
N.E. Rambush   566 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-051-4

When N. E. Rambush wrote Modern Gas Producers he set out to describe the specific features of each design which had been built and worked for producer gas production. Accordingly, in many cases this book explains certain special designs, in as much detail as it describes those designs which are far more commonly employed in practice. This great addition to the Hydrogen Generator Gas series contains over 80 valuable tables and over 350 images of useful drawings and diagrams.


Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 7: State of the Art  $29.95
Ali Kaupp   285 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-053-8

The seventh volume in the Hydrogen Generator Gas series will help you to overcome the mechanical difficulties associated with the production of generator gas from wood and coal. This great book will guide you to an in depth understanding of the gasification of coal and biomass, a valuable technology that is more than a century old, and will allow you to become thoroughly knowledgeable about the utilization of hydrogen generator gas in engine systems.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Vol 8 Hydrogen Production from Organic Material  $24.95
Samuel S. Wyer   300 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-025-5

Provides you with the fundamental knowledge upon which any rational discussion about Hydrogen Science must be based. Contains information on the physics and applied chemistry that make up the foundation of hydrogen based energy production. This book was written by a great man named Samuel S. Wyer. We have republished his work, A Treatise on Producer-Gas and Gas-Producers as, Hydrogen Production from Organic Material by Partial Oxidation and Steam Reformation.


Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 9 Generator Gas-The Swedish Experience 1939-1945  $34.95
SERI & Thomas B. Reed   343 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-050-7

Summarizes the scientific, technical and commercial information that developed during World War II. While the world's fossil liquid fuel supplies were being used to make war around the globe Sweden, cut off from fossil fuels, converted 40% of its entire motor vehicle fleet to burning wood. The gas generator for motor vehicles was developed at an astonishing speed during the war years. This work will enable anyone that is engaged in gasifier projects to build upon knowledge which the Swedes procured long ago.


Encyclopedia of Biomass Thermal Conversion-Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 10  $39.95
Thomas B. Reed   598 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-055-2

The most recent volume in the Hydrogen Generator Gas series is so large it had to be packed together as two separate books. This encyclopedia contains descriptions and clarification for all of the rest of the books in the HGG series. An absolute must have if you have any of the other books in the series.


The Homebuilt Wind-Generated Electricity Handbook  $24.95
Michael Hackleman   194 pages   8.5x11 inches   0-915238-05-5

This book contains everything you need to know about building a wind mill or a wind motor at home or on the farm. This is a detailed hands on construction manual for the motor, blades, tower, control circuits and much more. Incredibly illustrated with drawings and photographs. The book has explicit details on tower construction and tower erecting. Make sure you see the companion book called Wind and Windspinners.


Hydraulic Engineering  $19.95
Gardner D. Hiscox M.E.   340 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-019-4

Everything to do with water throughout the hydrosphere of the planet! If you have a river or a stream or a lake or live near the ocean and you want to try to capture water power from it, then this book tells you how to measure, direct, funnel and flow your water. It covers the mathematics in detail and it backs up the math with illustrations.


Hydraulic Motors  $19.95
Irving P. Church   326 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-020-0

Filled with every method of turning water into rotary horsepower. This book is not about the hydraulic power like what makes garbage trucks and construction equipment function. In this sense is we are talking about water power. It is incredible in its depth on water turbines and the whole variety of wheels that are in this field. It covers ALL of the paddle wheels, overshot, undershot, small, large, optimized and simple ones, from highly balanced water turbines to the most efficient Pelton wheels.


Hydrogen Manufacture by Electrolysis- Thermal Decomposition and Unusual Techniques  $34.95
Irving P. Church   374 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-032-3

This is the most advanced book we have on the prodction of hydrogen. Electrolysis is covered in explicit detail. The energy required, the voltages, the pressure of the cell and how it affects electrolysis, water qulity and its effect plus membranes and seperator materials. The book covers the thermal decomposition of chemicals and how they break down into hydrogen. Everything oil based or grown in nature can be broken down into hydrogen with simple heat. The book also has one of the most complete sections on ALL of the chemical cycles used and proposed for creating hydrogen. This is not a beginners book, this is an advanced book for those serious on the subject of hydrogen.


Hydrogen Technology for Energy  $99.95
David Methis   300 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-033-0

Primarily concerned with the technical aspects of storage and trans-mission systems for a proposed "hydrogen economy." Therefore, the various methods of producing hydrogen are not described in depth because they are im-portant to the hydrogen economy only insofar as the hydrogen must be produced in large quantities at reasonable cost. This is an important manual for those who wish to produce incredibly large quantities of hydrogen.


Hydrogen Car and Multi-Fuel DVD  $24.95
Roy McAlister & Steven Harris       H2DVD001

Run an engine on hydrogen, natural gas, gas, diesel, propane, alcohol, etc. Drive on 75 cents per gallon natural gas. Drive on hydrogen, or hydrogen mixed with other fuels such as alcohol, natural gas, propane, diesel (yes, diesel and H2 in a "gasoline" engine), or turpines. Run on hydrogen and veggie oil, or used French fry oil AND hydrogen in a "gasoline" engine.


Hydrogen Generator- Fuel Cells- ElectroChemistry DVD  $9.95
Roy McAlister & Steven Harris      

7 full hours of classroom and lab video on a wide variety of subjects including: hydrogen production and storage, multiple temperature fuel cells, electrolyzers, biomass and organic waste. All of this is taught in a hands-on manner by hydrogen expert Roy McAlister.


Industrial Gases  $19.95
Geoffrey Martin   158 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-021-7

This book contains abundant information about the mass manufacture of Hydrogen Energy related gases. Including explicit details about the, chemistry and methods on the manufacture of all of the gasses important for the hydrogen revolution. Industrial gases covers Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Ammonia, Producer Gas, Illuminating Gas, Acetylene, Ozone etc... Anyone who thinks that these gases do not have anything to do with a Hydrogen Future has been swallowing the mush that the media and other non-do'ers have been pushing.


Industrial Hydrogen  $19.95
Hugh S. Taylor D.Sc   214 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-022-4

The book covers hydrogen from steam and iron, hydrogen from water gas and steam, hydrogen from electrolysis, hydrogen from water with other chemicals, hydrogen from hydrocarbons as well as hydrogen from the decomposition of other chemicals. Also covered is the purification and testing of hydrogen.


Mechanical Movements: Powers and Devices  $19.95
Gardner D. Hiscox M.E.   416 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-026-2

A great work of reference for inventors, experimenters, mechanical students, artisans and anyone with an inquiring mind and the ambition of an engineer. For anyone with a real interest in mechanical thought and work, the book covers gears, pullys in combinations never thought of, it covers clock mechanisms, lifting and rotating mechanisms, impact and pounding machines. Click on MORE INFO for examples. This book will keep you up at night thinking.


Microbial Processes  $24.95
Various   214 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-062-0

Covers microbes and uses for Ethanol, Utilization of Cellulose, methane generation, methanol production, hydrogen production, waste water treatment, algae, and cellulose conversions.


Model Petrol Engines  $19.95
Edgar T. Westbury   312 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-042-2

The object of this book is simply to assist readers to produce model petrol engines. Whether one wishes to start from first principles, and design the engines throughout, or to construct engines to well-tried designs which have been proved successful this book will prove helpful. It contains not only general information on the design of engines and their necessary appurtenances, but also a number of complete designs, of widely diverse types of engines, for practically every model engineering requirement.


Movable Insulation  $24.95
William K Langdon   402 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-006-4

With easy construction plans for easy insulated curtains, a huge variety of panels that you can put inside your windows, outside, and fold up/down and much more. From an extraordinarily talented author, this 379 page book is an absolute must have for any homeowner that wants to stop heat loss now!


The Philosopher Mechanic  $29.95
Roy McAlister   269 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-044-6

Finally! The yellow book and the blue book from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell ElectroChemistry DVD. Yes we have Roy McAlister's original manuscript on doing engine conversion. Part of this book eventually evolved into The Solar Hydrogen Civilization. The Philosopher Mechanic is the manuscript that started it all. It also has the class room fuel cell addendum included within it as well.


Refrigeration: Cold Storage and Ice Making  $27.95
A. J. Wallis-tayler. C.E   650 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-043-9

Want to be cool in the summer? This classic text has about every single way of making cold from the old days. Compression cycle, evaporation cycle, vacuum of water, coolants and a very detailed section on ammonia absorption cooling. It even has details on compressed air cooling, the first A/C ever produced. Also contains details on making ice from water and sulfuric acid. The book is thick and detailed.


The Solar Cookery Book  $12.95
Beth Halacy   124 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-024-8

Describes in detail how you can make your own solar oven and reflector hot plate, and how to cook with them. It is for people who are interested in conservation and a wise use of our resources, plus a desire to protect the environment. It is for students who are searching for a new project for a science fair. Solar Cookery was the first book ever available on how to harness the sun's energy in preparing food. Once you discover how easy and enjoyable solar cooking can be, the sun's energy will no doubt become your favorite way to cook.


Solar Air Heating Systems  $29.95
Steve Kornher & Andy Zaugg   370 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-023-1

Incredibly detailed information on how to make any type of solar air heater. It covers all of the rules of thumb, the materials, where to get them and much more. Whether you're a homeowner or a contractor, this book has everything that you need to know about the construction and operation of all types of solar air heaters for space and domestic water heating. If you're looking for one book that will get you into "hot air," this is the one!


Applications of Solar Energy for Heating and Cooling of Buildings.  $24.95
ASHRAE   210 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-052-1

In recognition of the growing importance of solar energy The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers published a volume entitled Low Temperature Engineering Application of Solar Energy in 1967, which included chapters by many of the solar pioneers who had developed and maintained the thread of continuing technical contributions upon which the vastly expanded current technical effort is based. This revised volume is greatly expanded.


Solar Heat: Its Practical Applications  $12.95
Charles H. Pope   170 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-046-0

So you think solar energy is a new thing? This book was written in 1903 and is the earliest solar book we have found to date. It shows the Sun Press in Paris, France running on a steam driven press being powered by concentrated sunlight plus other solar examples. Everything in this book that worked in 1903 will work today, only easier. This book is a perfect example of how we could of been on solar before World War I. Due to the educational value of this book, we sell it at a significantly discounted price.


Solar Hydrogen Civilization  $29.95
Roy McAlister   246 pages   6x9 inches   0-9728375-0-7

A great book by a great man! A Hydrogen World expert and pioneer, Roy McAlister will be known in the history of energy more prominently than Edison. He is an expert who writes, not a writer who thinks he's an expert. The book covers the past, current and future usages of hydrogen. From how it was used in the Civil War to how we will all live in a Solar Hydrogen Civilization and what it will look like. How will we make the hydrogen, how will we store and transport the hydrogen across the world. The book covers many methods of making hydrogen and the companion DVD explains those in even more detail.


Solar Hydrogen Civilization DVD  $19.95
Roy McAlister & Steven Harris      

DVD companion to the fantastic book by Roy McAlister and Steven Harris. 3 hours of detailed explanation of the theories, facts and technology found in the book Solar Hydrogen Civilization and many more details that could not be elaborated on in the book.


Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors  $24.95
William Marion and Stephen Wilcox   246 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-061-3

Free solar energy falls on your head every day. If you want to know how much falls on your head during what time of the year and for how long for all the locations in the USA, then this is the book that will tell you that information for solar PV, flat plate collectors, single axis collectors as well as duel axis tracking collectors. Book gives low, high and average energy collected in a day for each month of the year for the location closest to you. This book (called The Red Book in the solar industry) is the bible for this subject.


The Sugars and their Simple Derivatives  $24.95
John E. Mackenzie D.Sc Ph.D   242 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-060-6

If you are serious about making alcohol and you're serious about making it from things you can turn into sugar, then this is the book for you. If you want to make thousands of gallons of Alcohol then you need this book.


Sunshine To Dollars  $14.95
Steven E. Harris   76 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-000-2

The FREE SOLAR PANELS BOOK. I got over 85 Solar PV Panels for Free and I wrote this book to show you how to do the same thing. The book covers Free solar panels Plus solar heating and cooking at your house. Plus explicit details on getting Free Solar Glass and Free 3000F Solar Concentrators for a solar furance. One of the most unique books ever written on Solar Energy. This book will have you building solar heaters and solar ovens in one afternoon. This is the most hands-on book ever written in the field. Get it today. Also includes, at no extra charge, Surviving the Blackout of 2003.


Wind and Wind Spinners  $24.95
Michael Hackleman   139 pages   8.5x11 inches   0-915238-02-0

Contains everything you need to know about building Savonius rotor (S - Rotor) wind generator. The S-Rotor is easier to construct than a standard windmill since your generator is at the base of the tower (or the top) and is not turning around in different directions as the wind blows. This is a detailed hands-on construction manual for the complete system including the batteries, tower, control relays and the actual rotor itself.


Wind Mills and Wind Motors  $14.95
F.E. Powell   90 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-041-5

How to build a windmill or wind motor the old fashioned way, just like the old ones you see on the farm. This book shows you how to build the frame, tower, blades and how to hook up an electric generator, all exactly as it was done in the early 1900's.


Wood Products Distillates & Extracts  $24.95
P. Dumesny & J. Noyer   319 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-057-6

If you want to take all of that free wood or shrubs or leftovers from alcohol and you want to know what you can pull out of it, like Methanol, Turpentines and other chemicals that have a nice value to them then this book is the book that tells you how and at what temperature they distill off at. Next time you see a mountain of wood chips rotting someplace you should see opportunity and money.


Wood Residue as an Energy Source  $24.95
Forest Products Research Council   126 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-059-0

Everything you want to know about wood waste/residue as an energy source. Types of residue, prep, handling, economics, combustion, clean up, boiler applications, charcoaling, cutting, grinding, and transporting. A very impressive book. If you have waste wood or want to know what type of wood wastes to look for, this is the book.


Wood Gas BioFuel Stove  $55.00

HGG volumes 1- 5 deal explicitly with making hydrogen gas from organic material to run an engine or a car. This stove is EXACTLY one of those generators. The Wood Gas stove is actually an Upside Down Up-Draft Gassier. It is actually making a hydrogen dominated combustible gas from the wood or biomass in the stove and it is then feeding that gas back into the stove for the purpose of heat and for making more gas. Much larger than most camp stove with a rating of 10,000 BTUs you can run the stove off of fuel all around you (wood chips, twigs, branches, pine cones, and acorns).


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