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Special Suggestions from Steve...

Get Ready to Run Vehicles on More than Gasoline.


Hydrogen Car and Multi-Fuel DVD
by Roy McAlister & Steven Harris
ISBN:  [size]

Run an engine on hydrogen, natural gas, gas, diesel, propane, alcohol, etc. Drive on 75 cents per gallon natural gas. Drive on hydrogen, or hydrogen mixed with other fuels such as alcohol, natural gas, propane, diesel (yes, diesel and H2 in a "gasoline" engine), or turpines. Run on hydrogen and veggie oil, or used French fry oil AND hydrogen in a "gasoline" engine.


The Philosopher Mechanic
by Roy McAlister
ISBN:269 pages   8.5x11 inches [size]

Finally! The yellow book and the blue book from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell ElectroChemistry DVD. Yes we have Roy McAlister's original manuscript on doing engine conversion. Part of this book eventually evolved into The Solar Hydrogen Civilization. The Philosopher Mechanic is the manuscript that started it all. It also has the class room fuel cell addendum included within it as well.


The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen
by P. Litherland Teed
ISBN:164 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

This is the most detialed book on the chemical production of MILLIONS of cubic feet of Hydrogen. This book is on real hydrogen production in volume. Almost every chemical method is shown in this book. It was written for the making of hydrogen for blimps, observation balloons etc...and they take a LOT of hydrogen. Methods include metals and water to electrolysis to complete chemical cycles you've not heard of before. Instant hydrogen from units the French and British used in WWI and more. This is one of the best books ever written on Hydrogen, it proves that some of the best hydrogen experts ever were contemporaries of your grandfathers and great grandfathers. This is the first printing of The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen since 1919!


The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen DVD
by P. Litherland Teed; Roy McAlister; Steven Harris
ISBN:  [size]

Steven Harris and Roy McAlister made this DVD to walk you through the Ooutstanding Hydrogen book, The Chemistry and Manuacture of Hydrogen. On this DVD they ask and answer every question you would have while reading the book. Steve and Roy cover every major detail of the book step by step and explain it to you in much more details than the excellent book has already done. This DVD is over 3 hours long and compliments this treasure of a book.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Vol 6 Modern Gas Producers CLASSROOM SIZE
by N.E. Rambush
ISBN:566 pages   8.5x11 inches [size]

We've EXPANDED this to be 8.5x11 to be much easier to read. This is what we call a Classroom Edition. This is a big book. When N. E. Rambush wrote Modern Gas Producers he set out to describe the specific features of each design which had been built and worked for producer gas production. Accordingly, in many cases this book explains certain special designs, in as much detail as it describes those designs which are far more commonly employed in practice. This great addition to the Hydrogen Generator Gas series contains over 80 valuable tables and over 350 images of useful drawings and diagrams.

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