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Free Family Preparedness Class MP3 Format Audio
Steven Harris      

Keep your family safe with this excellent FAMILY PREP class given by Steven Harris. Steve's approach is very unique and you wont't find it anywhere else. He SHOWS you how to do family preparedness with what is AVAILABLE TO YOU TODAY both in your home and in the local store. NO FANCY EXPENSIVE GADGETS you have to mail order away for. Its so simple and easy you'll wonder why you did not think of many of the techniques...but of course..maybe you did think of some of them. Class is 90 minutes long and in 128k MP3 format. Download and listen or stream online.



Amazing Still PDF - 2 Buckets and a Fish Heater
Anonymous Swedish Author      

This is about as simple as a still can get. Its designed for making 'hooch' alcohol but several people on the Alcohol Discusion group HAVE made up to 160 Proof alcohol with it. Instead of doing 1 distillation with the still, they did 3 and got 160 proof. This put this into a lawn mower and cut the grass with it all summer. For mixing with gasoline for a modern car you want 180+ proof, but this is a good start. Espeically for powering a generator, mini-bike or other simple engines. Its a great way to start learning about making alcohol for fuel purposes.



Artisan Distilling PDF - Art of Fine Spirits
Kris Arvid Berglund,Ph.D.      

Kris Berglund is a Professor of Chemical and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State and a Professor / Division Heat of Biochemical and Chemical Processing Engineering at Lulea University of Technology in Sweden. NO..this is NOT a stuffy technical book about making alcohol. Its very hands on an basic. It has to do with the production of alcohol for human consumption but all of his tips and tricks work just fine for fuel alcohol. Its even easier for fuel alcohol, you don't need expensive stainless steel or copper materials. Steel or aluminum works fine. So does plastic in many areas.



NREL Solar Radiation USA Data Book - the Red Book
US GOV. National Renewable Energy Labls (NREL)      

If you are going to do ANYTHING regarding solar heating, solar hot air, solar hot water, solar concentrators, solar mirrors or anything that invovles REAL Solar Energy ( which is NOT PV panels) then this is a must have book. It contains the monthly / yearly solar radiation data for 239 stations across the USA. The data was taken over a period of 30 years. This book is also called " The Red Book" in the industry because of its color. It has been OUT OF PRINT from teh US Government for many years.The data has been online for free for a decade but hard copies had to be printed out manually. I always used it online and always wanted a copy to have on my desk for solar work that I do. KnowledgePublications has put the book back into print. Download the whole book here for FREE... read it as a PDF, print it out at home or work, print out only the data you care about or you are welcome to purchase the whole book from us perfect bound and pretty and ready to use.