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Wood Gas BioFuel Stove
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HGG volumes 1- 5 deal explicitly with making hydrogen gas from organic material to run an engine or a car. This stove is EXACTLY one of those generators. The Wood Gas stove is actually an Upside Down Up-Draft Gassier. It is actually making a hydrogen dominated combustible gas from the wood or biomass in the stove and it is then feeding that gas back into the stove for the purpose of heat and for making more gas. Much larger than most camp stove with a rating of 10,000 BTUs you can run the stove off of fuel all around you (wood chips, twigs, branches, pine cones, and acorns).


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 1 and 2
by Compiled by KnowledgePublications.com
ISBN:170 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

The first book in our Hydrogen Generator Gases for Vehicles and Engines series contains two great, complimentary works on the subject of Producer Gas. The first volume in this book is entitled Producer Gas: Another Fuel for Motor Transport. This volume will guide you through everything you need to know about Producer Gas from its history to its economics. The second volume, Producer Gas Vehicles is for anyone who wishes to have a complete understanding of the true potential of Producer Gas.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 3 and 4
by Compiled by KnowledgePublications.com
ISBN:250 pages   8.5x11 inches [size]

Yes you can run a generator on wood. Contains Hands ON DIY STEP By STEP Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for an engine in a Petroleum Emergency. Includes detailed, illustrated instructions for the fabrication, installation, and operation of a Biomass Gasifier plus it contains The Handbook of Biomass Gasifier Engine Systems, which gives you all the theory and background on design, testing, operation and manufacture of small-scale gasifiers. We have combined two unique works and republished them as the second book in our Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines series to help fill the continuing needs for information in this needed DIY home power field.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 5
by John D Cash; Martain Cash
ISBN:182 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

The purpose of Volume 5 of the series is to set forth the possibilities of an often underestimated fossil fuel substitute: Producer Gas. This Volume, entitled, Producer Gas for Motor Vehicles, not only details Producer Gas possibilities, but also clearly explains the methods by which Producer Gas can be brought into use in a national emergency.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Vol 6 Modern Gas Producers
by N.E. Rambush
ISBN:566 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

When N. E. Rambush wrote Modern Gas Producers he set out to describe the specific features of each design which had been built and worked for producer gas production. Accordingly, in many cases this book explains certain special designs, in as much detail as it describes those designs which are far more commonly employed in practice. This great addition to the Hydrogen Generator Gas series contains over 80 valuable tables and over 350 images of useful drawings and diagrams.


Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 7: State of the Art
by Ali Kaupp
ISBN:285 pages   8.5x11 inches [size]

The seventh volume in the Hydrogen Generator Gas series will help you to overcome the mechanical difficulties associated with the production of generator gas from wood and coal. This great book will guide you to an in depth understanding of the gasification of coal and biomass, a valuable technology that is more than a century old, and will allow you to become thoroughly knowledgeable about the utilization of hydrogen generator gas in engine systems.


Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Vol 8 Hydrogen Production from Organic Material
by Samuel S. Wyer
ISBN:300 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

Provides you with the fundamental knowledge upon which any rational discussion about Hydrogen Science must be based. Contains information on the physics and applied chemistry that make up the foundation of hydrogen based energy production. This book was written by a great man named Samuel S. Wyer. We have republished his work, A Treatise on Producer-Gas and Gas-Producers as, Hydrogen Production from Organic Material by Partial Oxidation and Steam Reformation.


Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 9 Generator Gas-The Swedish Experience 1939-1945
by SERI & Thomas B. Reed
ISBN:343 pages   8.5x11 inches [size]

Summarizes the scientific, technical and commercial information that developed during World War II. While the world's fossil liquid fuel supplies were being used to make war around the globe Sweden, cut off from fossil fuels, converted 40% of its entire motor vehicle fleet to burning wood. The gas generator for motor vehicles was developed at an astonishing speed during the war years. This work will enable anyone that is engaged in gasifier projects to build upon knowledge which the Swedes procured long ago.


Biogas 1 & 2
by People of Africa Biogas Centre
ISBN:116 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

This book will enable you to understand how to make biogas at the farm or family level. Covers: Biogas, what it is; how it is made; how to use it begins with a complete introduction to biogas including materials, testing and the high quality ferilizer it produces. This book covers the making of biogas in something as simple as a 55 gallon drum and it covers the storage of it in items as simple as a drum inverted in water or in innertubes. This is a hands on DIY book with lots of drawings and pictures. I have had students win 1st place in science fairs with this book.


Biogas 3: How the Chineese Make Biogas.
by Michael Cook
ISBN:140 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

This book contains the ways that the Chinese perfected the process of making methane from manure and plant waste. The manual shows you how to dig a hole, make a brick or earth wall and then cover it for continuous production of free methane from the digesting material. This is a very low maintenance system and the Chinese had over 6 million bio digesters, like this model, working in the late 70's/early 80's. This is one beautiful system that you can build in your own backyard or farm and it will provide continous biogas for cooking, lighting and heating.


HandBook of Home Made Power
by The Mother Earth News
ISBN:386 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

Hands-on reprint of the famous publication from Mother Earth News. This book is actually larger and easier to read than the original paperback copy of the book. It covers wood heat and wood power, water/hydroelectric home power and RAM-pumps. The handbook also has chapters on wind power, solar energy and an extensive chapter on making and using methane.