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Hydrogen Car and Multi-Fuel DVD
by Roy McAlister & Steven Harris
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Run an engine on hydrogen, natural gas, gas, diesel, propane, alcohol, etc. Drive on 75 cents per gallon natural gas. Drive on hydrogen, or hydrogen mixed with other fuels such as alcohol, natural gas, propane, diesel (yes, diesel and H2 in a “gasoline” engine), or turpines. Run on hydrogen and veggie oil, or used French fry oil AND hydrogen in a “gasoline” engine.



Hydrogen Car And Multifuel DVD

This is your car on Gasoline

ACTUAL Photos Taken by Steven E. Harris in May of 2005. Gasoline Photo is from Mono Lake California This photo is NOT doctored or retouched. This is the actual price.


This is your car on Natural Gas or Hydrogen-Boosted Natural Gas


ACTUAL Photos Taken by Steven E. Harris in May of 2005. Natural Gas Pump Photo is from Fillmore Utah. Photo was taken on 5-16-2005. Gasoline at this location was $2.39 / gallon


Hydrogen Car and Multi Fuel DVD
Drive for 75 Cents a Gallon or Less!

(I'm not kidding, that is what methane gas cost in Phoenix AZ in May 2005)

Engine Conversion & Car Conversion to:
Hydrogen Fuel and Hydrogen Boosting of
Natural Gas, Gasoline, Diesel, Alcohol, Turpines & More.

This is a 3.5 Hour Hands-On DVD

Only on DVD, not on VHS. Video is NTSC and has no region restrictions, plays around the world.
If you are in a PAL Video country you can  play it on a computer.
(c) 2005 KnowledgePublications.com 

with Roy McAlister and Steven Harris.

Mr. McAlister has been running cars and engines
on Hydrogen for over 40 years. Since 1965!
( for more on Roy, see the bio and ad for his book Solar Hydrogen Civilization below)

Mr. Harris was a development engineer in the
scientific labs of Chrysler / DaimlerChrysler
doing vehicle development work for 10 years
and consults professionally with Mr. McAlister in the
Vehicle, Energy, Hydrogen and Electrochemistry field.


The 1991 Geo Metro Runs On:


Yes, the vehicle can run on Hydrogen (H2), pure H2, Impure H2, Any H2!. 99.9999% H2, 99.9% H2, 99% H2, 90% H2, 80% H2... 5% H2..H2 & CO, H2 & CH4 etc...

Natural Gas (Methane) at  75 cents/Gallon!

Vehicle will run all day long on Natural Gas, methane, land fill gas, producer gas etc....  As of 5-2005 The price of natural gas for vehicles and other uses in Phoenix Arizona at public filling stations is the same as buying gasoline at 75 cents a gallon!.  This can be true for most places in the USA.  Vehicle will run on straight natural gas and natural gas with a little hydrogen mixed into it ( called Hydrogen Boosting).  This can also be land fill methane, sewage plant digester methane, producer gas, bio gas and much more.


This vehicle will run on standard straight gasoline.  Will run better on gasoline boosted with Hydrogen.  In fact, you can put in low octane, nasty, bad gasoline that no other gasoline car could run on, mix it with some hydrogen from your high pressure tank and drive smoothly all day long with it.  Neighbors have cans of old gas for mowers? Put it in your multi fuel hydrogen boosted vehicle.

Diesel Fuel.

Roy McAlister can also Hy-Boost low or no-sulfur diesel in his vehicle if he wants to … as long as it is Hydrogen Boosted.  In fact, he can mix gasoline and diesel in the same tank and hydrogen boost it.


This is not a *WILL DO*, this is a *CAN DO*, Has Done, It *IS* Accomplished 
and has been doing for 6+ YEARS in this particular vehicle.  
This is not a work in progress, this is a WORK DONE and its ALL in the Video
and it is DETAILED and you can do it too.

Hydrogen Flame coming out of a hydrogen injector.
The flame is yellow because of an additive in the H2
so it will show up on video.


Yes, but it works much better when the alcohol is Hy-Boosted with 5% - 7% hydrogen.  It will work JUST FINE in this vehicle and it gets even better.  Alcohol is really easy to make and ESPECIALLY LOW COST when you can use WET alcohol.  What does wet alcohol mean?  It means you can use alcohol that is 80%, 90%+ alcohol and the rest is water.  A normal vehicle that uses alcohol needs it to be very dry 99.5% to 100% alcohol.  A hydrogen boosted multi fuel car is not a normal vehicle and 80% alcohol will work! But is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE to make 99% to 100% alcohol.  KnowledgePublications.com will have a future publication on Solar Alcohol Making.


This vehicle will run on turpines as long as you Hydrogen Boost it. What is a turpine you ask?? Turpines are condensates that you recover from heat destruction of organic material.  Orange peels, fruit rinds, old or bad peanuts or peanut shells, almost any nut, and you can get it from cow manure but not as much as from wastes such as tree bark, wood chips saw dust and other wood scrap.  Basically these materials are heated up VERY HOT and then the vapors are cooled until they condense and this is your cheap liquid fuel. 


Normally on a price / BTU basis, propane is not as cheap as natural gas, many times diesel is cheaper BUT... this is a MULTI FUEL vehicle.  In the last week I saw over 3 One Hundred Pound tanks of propane that were FREE. Why?? Because these were used for stationary RV applications and the people left the Phoenix area for the summer time and the cylinders were the old ones with the old valves that cannot be refilled anymore, but these were FULL of propane.  Roy has developed tank that can hold 250 PSI propane, 5000 PSI methane, 10,0000 PSI hydrogen and many other fuel selections.  Yes it can, you CAN drain the propane tank INTO your vehicle’s 10,000-PSI tank. The vehicle tank MUST be 100% empty and you'll have to make a special hose. But if you had a cheap source of propane... you see my point. If you had a lot of cheap propane it might be better to add a vehicle propane tank and to keep your hydrogen tank for HYDROGEN BOOSTING of the propane.  Remember, HYDROGEN BOOSTING is what allows you to use found, free and cheap fuels and fuels that NO ONE ELSE can use.  Like turpines.  Note: we do NOT dwell on propane in the video but you should understand the concept very well from the video. 

...And More

Other condensates that can run your multi-fuel hydrogen boosted vehicle are made from crude oil or motor oil or OLD vegetable oil.  Yes, the vehicle will run on 'French fry oil' as well.  It only needs to be filtered to get the particles out.  You do NOT need a diesel engine to run ' fry oil ' or bio diesel.  You can use your original 'gasoline' engine as long as it is hydrogen boosted.

NOTE:  I am saying the vehicle DOES, repeat, it DOES run on Hy-Boosted turpines,
 this is one of Roy's least expensive liquid fuels when hydrogen boosted, and you can make too.
This DVD does NOT show how to make turpines. This DVD does NOT show how to make the other fuels mentioned above but watch for future DVDs that do.
Making fuel for a vehicle is a WHOLE NEW DVD that we will release in the future...

I guarantee you we WILL show you how to make turpines in future DVD's


On The DVD You Will See and Have Explained:

Hydrogen and gas manifolds, metering and control valves and hardware, injector nozzles and orifices.
Pressure gages and regulators and more.  The exact pressure to regulate to out of the tank, the exact
pressure for you to start with at your manifold and valves.

** Warning ** LET ME WARN YOU ** Warning ** 
You are trying to make it HARDER than it is. You DO NOT need to start with
$1000 hydrogen injectors (each) and $2000 controllers and complicated hardware.

You can start with a lawn mower engine, the above hardware (~$25) 
and a 80 cubic foot 3000psi used SCUBA dive tank ($50 to $100)
This SAME technology system *WILL* work on your car … only you probably will use more injectors.  
See that 'tube' between the fingers above?  That is a hydrogen gas metering tube and we show you WHERE to put it in the engine…  It is the same tubing used as a needle for giving a horse an injection.

We REALLY REALLY want to emphasis that you SHOULD convert a small single cylinder engine FIRST ( like a 5hp engine ).
  Make it a generator with an alternator or convert a Go-Kart, a Moped, A Quad, A motorcycle. 
This will be the cheapest, most effective and easiest way to then learn and gain the confidence to convert your personal vehicle


Small Engine Conversion


These are actual frame captures from the DVD Video.  Shown here is a needle valve for power control. The needle valve controls the flow of hydrogen into the engine and the white ports you see in the center of the photo on the LEFT are the connections for various fuel selections that are used in multifuel power tests, experiments and demonstrations. This is where liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel or turpines are connected (Roy developed the Hy-Boost Technology for utilizing cheap liquid fuels)  Why are there two ports?? One can be used for liquid fuels and the other one can be used for gaseous  fuels such as natural gas, propane, land fill gas or producer gas or vapors from a paint booth or some other stinky that you want to clean up with hydrogen boosted combustion in excess air


Remember, in a MULTI FUEL Hydrogen Boosted engine YOU CAN take fuel that others are throwing away, or even fuels people might have a hard time throwing away and use it in your engine.  Old paint thinner, mineral spirits, vegetable oils (yes, filtered french fry oil too) for use along with hydrogen in your engine.  On the right you see the hydrogen tube leading into the engine.  Win a reward if you can tell me what happened to the carburetor on the engine in this photo.
The silver tube coming out of the engine is the exhaust pipe.  NO muffler, just a screen mesh.  This is where you would hook up a  tube heat exchanger ( could be iron pipe and a garden hose) to condense the water coming out of the exhaust..




We Show You How a Hydrogen Engine, Gasoline Engine,

Multi-Fuel Engine Works


Do you really want to know what the first Internal Combustion (IC) Engine was?
It was a cannon, you just threw your piston away with every cycle.
IC Engines are NOT complicated ( as the DVD SHOWS IN DETAIL)
You pack the fuel and air into your cannon, load it up ( let the piston compress it) and then 
ignite it.  A V8 engine at 3000 rpm is like 12000 cannon shots a minute.


Roy covers the operation of a gasoline engine and a hydrogen engine on the white board, then Steven covers the detailed operation of a 4 cycle engine with you.  You MUST understand the fundamentals of internal combustion engines in order to understand and to really convert your vehicle. ( well...you don't have to, but we want you to.)  Its NOT that hard, like I said, its like 12,000 cannons going off a minute.  



We DO NOT boggle your mind with too much math, physics and chemistry.

We are used to explaining things to people who don't understand them.  So if you are an expert and this part is boring then just click on FF and go past it or skip to the next chapter.


Ride In a Hydrogen & Multi-Fuel Car

Yes... we show you the white board, background knowledge, theory, components and the parts, the pieces, the 5hp engine, the conversion, the parts for a full car engine conversion and we take you for a ride.  The ride is about 18 minutes long.  We drive, talk, explain, demonstrate and switch from pure H2 to H2 and turpines with gasoline etc..


You'll see Roy switch fuels from the dash and then turn a knob and to change the timing of the vehicle ignition so it can burn fuels that have different combustion characteristics



Hydrogen Car and Multi-Fuel DVD
by Roy McAlister & Steven Harris
ISBN:  [size]