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Gasoline Over $17.00 a Gallon, Oil Tankers On Fire, Iran Mines Persian Gulf,
30% Of Worlds Oil is Stopped
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   * Gasoline at least $17.04 a gallon

   * Israel attacks Iran Nuclear Facilities.

   * Iran mines the Persian Gulf Straight of Hormuz.

   * Newspaper cartoon blasphemies Islam

   * Muslim men attack Newspapers around the USA, 561 Dead

   * 50 Oil supertankers have 'gone missing'

   *  Oil goes over $400 a barrel

    *  I wrote an imagined story based on real world possible events, its short, it holds your attention.

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New York, New York (WIRE) -- Drivers in the USA were just barely getting over the shock of $9.14 to $9.78 a gallon gasoline and thought they were finally getting a bit of relief when they saw prices this morning listed at only $8.52 a gallon. 

Drivers soon discovered this price is really for a half gallon and not a full gallon of gasoline.  This is because the majority of the gasoline pumps in the USA do not have the number of digits needed on the pump display to charge more than $9.99 a gallon.  Even the price signs outside of the station do not go over $9.99 a gallon.  

So the gasoline stations are charging by the half gallon just as they did during the gasoline shortages of the 1970’s.  Charging $8.52 a half gallon makes the real price of full gallon of gasoline in the USA at $17.04 a gallon!

 Just four days ago the price of oil and gasoline started its runaway spike up in price after Sunday’s unilateral attack on six Iranian Nuclear Facilities/Locations by the Israeli Defense Forces. 

Iran responded by sinking three ships in the Strait of Hormuz in an attempt to block the passage to the oil rich Persian Gulf.  While this action in itself did not block the shipping channel the announcement that the Iranian Military forces have extensively mined the Strait of Hormuz has stopped all maritime traffic in and out of the Persian Gulf. 

This has stopped 100% of the oil from the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran plus 66% of the oil from Saudi Arabia.  This blockage of the straight has stopped 30% to 35% of the world’s daily oil shipments.

A day after the Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities 20 Christian missionaries in Iraq were killed and decapitated by an unknown group.  Their headless bodies were nailed and crucified to the hard ground.  

Photos of this initially shown on Al Jazeera television made it to the internet and quickly viewed by people around the world.  The sensitive US media would not show the images of headless crucified corpses on television, nor in print, and the images thus became prolific on the Internet going from email to email and website to website. 

The outrage in the USA lead to a few smaller Christian oriented newspapers in the USA to print a cartoon that is loosely described as containing unholy animals and the Muslims holy Koran in an intentional attempt of blasphemy against Islam.

Although this was only published in five small USA newspapers it quickly became a viral email and made it around the world and sparked even more outrage in Muslim nations.

Soon all US newspapers received the blame for what only five papers published.   Holly fatwas were issued by the leading Muslim leaders in Mecca and Medina and around the world. 

The fatwa called for the death of those who published the cartoons as well as the, “Stopping all of the blood of America.”  This significance of this was initially not understood that the blood of America was really oil.

The next day in the USA, 23 Newspapers had Mumbai India type attacks against them by 'true believers.'   These attacks consisted of men entering the newspapers and shooting everyone they could.  The FBI is not releasing details but it was leaked these were ad-hock groups of devote Muslims responding to the holly fatwa. 

The groups formed spontaneously from different hardline Islamic mosques.   The Detroit News / Free Press and the New York Times and New York Post suffered the worst attacks with over 50 attackers at each location.  In contrast the Houston Chronicle was attacked by only three Muslim men.  

In the incidents at the 23 newspapers it is estimated that there were a total of just over 300 attackers, 243 of which are alive and in custody of local law enforcement or the FBI. 

Two days after the attack at least 561 newspaper related people are known dead with 258 wounded.  52 of the wounded are in critical or serious condition and might still die of their injuries.  All USA hospitals and the American Red Cross are urging the public to donate blood for the wounded and in case there are more attacks.

Yesterday, news began to surface that a significant number of oil supertankers at sea had lost communications with their parent shipping companies.  Suspicion arose after 3 tankers due in to the Houston oil terminals were 36 hours late and could not be contacted by radio or satellite telephone.  

Large columns of black smoke were reported on the ocean horizon. The US Coast Guard responded and found a total of six supertankers ablaze and completely on fire.  All ships were within 50 miles of the Houston oil terminals. 

It is not widely known outside of the maritime industry that the majority of international supertankers use captains and officers from western European nations, such as Germany, and the rest of the crew are from eastern Asia, Africa and Arab nations.  It is estimated that 15% to 25% of able body maritime seamen that crew the worlds supertankers are Muslims. 

Apparently many of these men heard about the holy fatwas against the flow of oil to the USA an acted independently against their ships while at sea.  The coast guard reports picking up lifeboats but no details on the survivors are available yet.

An anonymous source at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s largest maritime insurance organization, has commented that there are at least 50 ships that are not responding to communications and those ships contain a total of over 100 million barrels of crude oil.  

Rumor of the Lloyd’s comment sent the price of oil, which had stabilized at $225 a barrel in the last 4 days, rocketing to over $400 a barrel briefly until it closed today at $385 a barrel. 

Fears of impending gasoline shortages lead to panic buying and the drastic increase in the price of gasoline seen today around the world.   The average price of gasoline in the USA is $17.04 a gallon today, how high it will go tomorrow.

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     *  Save the photos, copy the text to an email, attach the photos and send them to your friends.  These photos GET ATTENTION.  Yes. I photoshopped the decimal point on the gas station photos...I took all the gas photos myself.