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Solar Magnifier 7in x 10in - 3000F
 7x10 inches inches [size]

This 7 inch by 10 inch solar concentrating sheet will magnify the sun to over 3000 degrees F. Now that's solar power. This lights paper and wood on fire instantly in full sun light. An awesome demonstration of what REAL SOLAR power is. This is the future of solar power, NOT PV panels.

3000F Solar Sheet Magnifier 

This just does not work during a hot summer in the desert.  The above photos were taken during fall in Michigan
Solar Sheet Magnifier 

3000F Solar Sheet Magnifier 
These photos were taken Feb 2nd, 2002

A very cold and wintry Ground Hog Day in Michigan, but the Sun was out.
As you can see, old SOL gives plenty of quality sunshine, enough to make the newspaper go POOF and catch on fire.

DON'T play with some SILLY magnifying glasses.  When  I was kid we'd use magnifying glasses to start small fires.  
We'd concentrate sunshine on leaves or something else and it took a fair amount of time to get a fire going.
Surface Area is King.  The more Sun you can concentrate the more Energy being placed on the object.  
A 2" (3.1 Square Inches) circular magnifying glass CANNOT compare to our 70 SQUARE INCH magnifying sheet.

This sheet is light, thin and VERY flexible.  It will not crack and you can not break it by bending it.
Many other sheet magnifiers are think and NOT flexible.  I carry one of these in my emergency kit backpack
where every I travel.  Missionaries carry it and give them way around the world.  Many places in the world people will
tear a paper match into 6 pieces just so they can light fires.  Imagine their delight when they get one of these.  All the fire they want
as long as the sun is shining