Hurricane Sandy in 4 Days
1-7 Days with NO POWER for Many
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Energy Email Update 10-26-2012


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Huge Hurricane / Tropical Storm Sandy is Slamming into the NE /South in 3-4 Days... NO Power for many for 1 week or more.  Enjoy Safety, Be Comfortable, Be Better than your Neighbors who are suffering, make sure your family is cared for, everyone agrees, this is the right thing to do. Do it now.


* Food and Water is covered in my Free Family Prep Class
* Everything is from your LOCAL Grocery Stores & Walmart.
* You can survive this easily.  Right now with stuff you can get locally.

* How to keep Refrigerators & Freezers COLD with NO Power and how to also do this with an inverter and your car.
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* How to Power your House from your Car, Unlimited light, TV, AA batteries, Illumination, Radio, Fans and more. (very inexpensive!)
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* How to Select and buy a generator for your home and how to hook it up to your home.  Complete details, Power your Entire House.
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* Fuel and Fuel Storage - How, and what to store fuel in, what to add to it and tools to make 'pouring it' very easy. Fuel for weeks of power.
* There are easier ways then those horrible 5 gallon gas cans.
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You *MUST* DO this NOW... if you think you are going to have "TIME" to do this AFTER the storm... here is something I wrote on The Survival Podcast Blog this week.

You people think you are going to have all the time in the world when a disaster hits...but you're busy as heck, listening to the radio, putting blankets on the fridge, helping your neighbor, getting the kids situated with something to do, hey..wait..the hurricane blew a big tree branch into part of my roof and I have to cut the branch out, move it, tarp over it, nail that down...hey wife needs me....oh...we are out of dog food.

You are going from a life with FEW things to do because you have an automatic refrigerator with an automatic ice maker, automatic freezer, automatic cloths washer, automatic cloths dryer, automatic furnace, automatic AC, automatic dishwasher, automatic stove, automatic microwave, automatic coffee pot, flushing toilets, hot showers, TV with 500 channels, lights in every room at the flick of a switch, smart phones for every member of the family, internet with access to everything you'd want to know about anything and now in a power failure ALL of that is NOW GONE GONE GONE and you think you are going to have lots of time to open the box and read manuals and figure out how to use something and hook it up ?? !!!!

Read that paragraph again please. Everyone. You have everything 'automatic' I mentioned, the power fails, its all gone, and you think you are going to have spare time when nothing that made your life easy is now not working.

All of my classes are hands on, stuff you can get locally.  You STILL HAVE TIME to listen to my stuff and then get stuff locally.  Stuff that is still on the shelf.   This is going to be a BIG storm affecting a large area of the eastern / southern USA.   Prepare now or suffer.  Better to be prepared and watch your neighbors suffer....laugh a bit..then help them.

Please don't think I'm being too hard on you. I'm just being honest. I went through the blackout of 2003 with 50 million other USA residents and I even wrote a book on it. When all of your automatic stuff fails, you're busy. You can't even call 911, you can't call anyone for help or technical assistance. You can't phone a friend, you don't have any life lines. You are not going to hop in the car and go to the store and get something that you need, because the store is out of power and not working too. Its just you, what you know, what you have, what you know about what you have and if you are lucky... a few good friendly neighbors.

Thank you
Steven Harris

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