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  The Hydrogen Car and Multifuel DVD is BANNED from GOOGLE ! 

What did Google Do to us ??  This is a story you just are NOT going to believe.  Google has BANNED our sale of our famous 3.5 Hour Hydrogen Car and Multifuel DVD by Roy McAlister and Steven Harris.

We use Google "Adwords" to advertise our DVD and other Hydrogen Books, DVDs and Solar Items.  Google Adwords are the "ads" that show up in the RIGHT SIDE of the search screen in Google.  Google has a policy that you cannot sell 'false' things on google adwords.  This includes the selling of anything related to a car that runs on water.  Cars that run on water are 100% Junk Science, False, 100% Stupidity and a 100% Scam and WE AGREE that this should not be something available for sale but the problem is Google Does NOT know the difference between Hydrogen and water !!  Read on....

Reuters states Google has invested over $350 MILLION dollars in Alternative Energy Programs and despite this corporate commitment some Google Employees DO NOT know the difference between Hydrogen and water.  NO Matter HOW BLATANTLY I posted on the advertisement that this is NOT a water car, that the car really does run on Hydrogen and other fuels. (See the 18 minute video of it running on PURE HYDROGEN and home made turpines) Google REFUSES to allow the ad and has now SUSPENDED my entire Google Adwords Account !!!  This is a VERY Serious thing to have your account suspended...its not trivial.  This happened WHILE I had letter of explanation submitted to them and WHILE the account was under a REVIEW.

So in others words, because of the water car NUT JOBS, the Kooks, who think water is a fuel our legitimate Science and Chemistry is BANNED....and this is done to man who has been converting cars to hydrogen since 1965 (Roy McAlister.)

Want to see HOW STUPID GOOGLE is being ??  See the Entire AD at the link below and see if YOU THINK I'm trying to sell a  'water car' or some other junk science. !!
You CAN Purchase from the Site !!  The site and the cart works.  Its the ADWORDS that have been stopped.  I mean... REALLY..Google... how can you CONFUSE what I have said for a water car ??
Roy McAlister standing next to his 1991 Geo Metro Multifuel Vehicle.  This car runs on Gasoline, Natural Gas, Land fill Methane, Hydrogen, Propane, home made turpine fuel and any combination of the above fuels with hydrogen, or hydrogen on its own.




1.  Google SLAPS Industry Leader in Hydrogen and Alternative Energy !
If you know a reporter, send them to this page, the link is :
http://bit.ly/iAksfc or http://www.USH2.com/05212011.htm  Both Work, 1 is Shorter. 
 Its a heck of a Story !!  Google Supports "Alternative Energy", Google has spent $350 on it already. Google is ready to spend $5 BILLION MORE on Alternative Energy, but SHUTS DOWN the Largest Publisher of Alternative Energy ONLY Books and DVDs in the USA.  Google Employees don't know the difference between Hydrogen and Water and Google Slaps an Industry Leader in the field of Hydrogen.  Roy McAlister is the President of the American Hydrogen Association, holds dozens of patents on hydrogen manufacture, hydrogen use and hydrogen storage and has been working in the field since 1965.   There's a good story there.

2.  *IF* You have Purchased the Hydrogen Car and MultiFuel DVD, and you've watched it and/or converted a  1 cylinder engine, a mower, a car or a generator WRITE ME and TELL ME WHAT YOU DID.  Send photos if possible.  Write Me Directly at  support (at) KnowledgePublications (dot) com.  PUT GOOGLE OUTRAGE in the SUBJECT line PLEASE.... it'll help me sort out all of the emails !!

3.  If you think this is a big of a travesty as we do you please email us your support for our REAL Science and Chemistry and email us at support (at) KnowledgePublications (dot) com.  Put SUPPORTING STEVE in the SUBJECT LINE.

4.  If you are in the adwords field professionally and you have a personal representative at Google, please contact me, or if you think you can be of assistance.   If you know someone senior at Google, Contact me.

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More Great News...when it rains it pours.... :(
The Wood Gas Stoves are Awesome, they'll keep you warm when its cold outside, they'll cook your food and boil your water in  a disaster (just pick up your fuel from the ground - the remains of houses and trees).  They LOOK AWESOME, shiny STAINLESS STEEL with fire coming out of them ! (see photo to left.)  When your neighbors see one, they'll want one.

We have 3 Biomass WoodGas Gasifying Wood Stoves.  Small (LE), Medium (XL) and BIG (FP).  These stoves take wood, twigs, bark, wood pellets and turn it into Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide (great fuel) and then instantly it BURNS the gas.  It is not "burning the wood", its making the wood into a gas, then burning the gas.  It makes for a very clean, no smoke, stove that runs on fuel that you pick up OFF THE GROUND.   Carry the Stove, NOT the Fuel.   These STOVES PROVE that the gasification of wood for a fuel is EASY and it WORKS.  We  have the LARGEST selection of Books on making Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Wood Gas and Producer Gas you can find in one spot.  FYI all these books are at:

The stoves have been VERY POPULAR and ONE OF our Best Sellers.  Long Story Short, a good friend of mine James Becker helped in the stove's design, and then he had a small company make them in India for the last few years.  Its been like pulling teeth dealing with the Indians.  They won't tell you the truth about shipments and arrival dates etc... Jim has about HAD IT and if the next load does not arrive, he might give up the Wood Gas Stove Business ENTIRELY. 

Right NOW the LE STOVE is SOLD OUT.  There are NO MORE LEFT.
The XL Stove (the nicest one) is IN STOCK and AVAILABLE.
the  FP Stove (Fire Place - Photo to the LEFT) is IN STOCK and AVAILABLE.

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Steven Harris.

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