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8 MP3's, 2 Books & 2 Videos ONLINE NOW re: USA Food, Water, Home POWER. AVOID being like Japan.
This email is all about YOU. My Customer....and the 13 MILLION People in Tokyo in some level of SUFFERING.

- I DO NOT want any of you to Die.
- I want to help you PREVENT HUNGER in your Family. ( Millions Hungry in Tokyo / Japan )
- I DO NOT want you to be in Pain or Hurt and know HOW to treat those who are Hurt....
- I want you and your wife / husband to FEEL GOOD about NOT having FEAR of the Unknown.
- I want you to be COMFORTABLE in your HOME if you have NO Power or NO Water (NO Food / No Power in much of Tokyo)
- I want you to be able to HELP your Neighbors.  (Just like those helping each other in Japan)

How to Survive Loss of Food, Loss of Water, Loss of POWER is BELOW
Most of which costs NOTHING. This is HOW WE GIVE BACK.
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- There *IS* the possibility of a Huge Earthquake in California, Oregon, Washington or Alaska
- West coast *JUST GOT HIT* with a small tsunami (all the way from Japan).  A 30 footer *IS* Possible on the West Coast.
- A 30 foot tsunami *IS* Possible for the East Coast, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico
- A Great Midwestern Earthquake *IS* Possible for much of the Middle of America.
   In the 1800's the Kentucky / Tennessee / Missouri area use to be called "The Shakes"

P.S.  FYI.  It *IS* Possible, if any of the reactors in Japan when "Chernobyl" that smaller amounts of radio activity could reach the USA.  Balloons made it from Japan to the USA in the Winter of WWII, to attack the USA.  It *IS* Possible for radio activity, at some level, to do the same thing.  The problem is not the exposure you'd get from this, the problem is the eating of the micro radioactive particles and those inside you.  This would bring a LOT into question.  Flour and Grains for one, and Milk for a second one.  It can be detected, but that's a LOT of detection and a lot of sorting.  It'd do a lot of good for the fruit and vegtable markets, because those can be washed.  It'd hurt the dairy business, might NOT affect the beef industry and it'd hurt the corn and wheat markets, but... then again corn and wheat feed the USA in one form or another.  Its always wise to have some food supply under your own control.  Always Nice :) ..and NO ONE in the world shows you how to do that cheaper than Steven Harris (me) does.  NO ONE.  Most all of it is for free below.

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This page is:
This page is also:

Get the Free Steven Harris Family Preparedness Class
Our Famous Free Family Preparedness Class .mp3 file
NO BS, NO MRE's, NO Dehydrated foods,
NO weird stuff to buy, ALL off the shelf at your grocery store.
Hands On - STEP BY STEP !!
Make "Emergency Bread from Flour in 30 Seconds"
No Cost, Zero, Zilch, is Free from us, its what we do
to GIVE Back to YOU and to
HELP YOU and the USA.


Get Steven Harris's FAMOUS DIY Book,
"Sunshine to Dollars" which includes at NO extra cost,
"Surviving the Blackout of 2003".

- Cook Bread, Biscuits, Cake, Soup and  more (from the Family Preparedness Class Above) with simple, free solar ovens

- Power your House from your Car, Any Car. Easy step by step DIY with simple inverters.  The book shows you how.  Power a TV, Power your Cell Phones, Power your Radios, iPhone, LIGHTS, and hand held games to keep the kids busy.  Have all of the AA battery power you could want from a charger and your car.  The book goes into EXPLICIT details from the man who survived the nations largest blackout (50 million people) on August 14th, 2003 and then wrote the book on the whole adventure.

Details on the Book and a 1 Minute PROMO Video is at the very top of

Sunshine to Dollars is also available on  <CLICK HERE>.


Q: How Much Bread - Could You Make from 1 Gallon of Gasoline, a Generator and a Bread Maker ??

A:  32 Pounds.  That's 16 two pound loaves of bread, one 2 pound loaf every HOUR!
     SEE ME Make Bread in 4 bread makers at ONCE
     SEE ME Make Bread from a Car Battery.
     SEE ME Make Bread from a Small Battery Bank (see the black out book above)
     SEE ME Make Bread under the Hood of a Car (see photo to right)
     SEE Every Recipe - Its Flour, Sugar, Water, Bread, Yeast, That's it.

The video is 98 Minutes LONG... its STEP BY STEP, DIY, Hands ON, You see EVERYTHING.

3 Minute Promo Video (Great!) is at
(Very Bottom of the Page)

Get the Video "Bread from Gasoline"
Download and Watch the Video Right Away.

.PDF ebook of Sunshine to Dollars is also
available at this location.



FREE VIDEO - Showing the Famous 30 Second Bread

This is the FAMOUS Emergency Bread from the Free Family Preparedness Class (see above) being made in about 3 minutes to prepare it, 30 seconds to cook it.  Its being demonstrated on a wood fueled 'Rocket Stove' but it can be made on ANY STOVE.  A Coleman stove, a butane stove, a home stove, a camping fire.  So ignore the great rocket stove and watch the bread being made QUICKLY
Video is obvious and near the top of the page



To Help Your Friends, Forward this LINK to them. Post it on your Wall. TWEET it.
This page is:
This page is also:

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